Monday, November 09, 2020

Kraft-tex Koasters

November Project Of The Month Using Tangerine Kraft-tex

This is the perfect accessory for your pumpkin spice coffee mug. What’s not to love about crafty Fall projects and what better way to spruce up your coffee table than with new coasters. This project is so simple and easy you can sew up several in an hour.

What you’ll need to create each coaster:

2 - 5” squares of Kraft-tex (I used Tangerine for both the pumpkin and the bottom of project)
1 - 2 ½” square of Kraft-tex in Emerald (for the stem)
1 - 5” square of fabric for pumpkin shading (I loved auditioning fabrics for this part of the project and ended up used an orange and black plaid homespun)
1 - 5” square of vinyl for the top protective cover (I used Clear Vinyl from 
2 - 5” squares of fusible web for fabric & pumpkin and 1- 2 ½’ square piece of web for the stem
Clips to hold vinyl in place for sewing.
Regular and Fine/detail scissors or Exacto knife, coordinating threads and sewing machine
Note: I found a circular cutter to be helpful to make these but not absolutely necessary. 

Directions: It always begins with a sketch for me. You are welcome to use the pattern (for personal use only) that is included here but you may want to make up your own. 

                                                                                          Enlarge or reduce pattern circle to 4" diameter.

Cut your circle pieces first (pumpkin, coaster backing, fabric, vinyl and fusible) EACH PIECE SHOULD MEASURE EQUALLY, MY PATTERN CALLS FOR A 4” DIAMETER CIRCLE, however you may want to make yours a different size. It doesn’t matter as long as you have enough of each material and each piece is cut the same size. The included pattern can be sized up or down on your printer. Also cut out your stem pattern.


Fuse the web to the wrong side of the fabric then fuse together this to the wrong side of the Kraft-tex coaster bottom. Fuse the second piece to the wrong side of the pumpkin and leave the paper on before you cut it out! Also fuse the 2 1/2" green stem piece. 

Carve the pumpkin and fuse. Lightly trace with pencil the pumpkin pattern to the right side of the Kraft-tex then cut out using scissors or an Exacto knife. Peel away the fusible protective paper and fuse to the fabric side of the coaster.

Cut and Fuse Stem. Lightly trace the stem pattern to the right side of the green stem then cut our and fuse in place, being sure to keep it inside the pumpkin circle so it will be covered by the vinyl.

Add Vinyl and and Stitch by clamping in several places and stitching slowly around the entire perimeter of the coaster. A Teflon foot is helpful but not necessary.  

Optional stitching: You may wish to stitch down the Kraft-tex around the pumpkin and stem shapes, after fusing but before adding the vinyl, to simplify this pattern I’ve only shown it fused.

Kraft-tex is a colorful and versatile leather like product and may be purchased at or other participating dealers.

Playing with plaids! Can you tell that I have quite a collection? And these are just a few ! :-) 


And the winning plaid is... ready for a coffee cup!

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