Monday, April 22, 2013

Tim Holtz class

This weekend I attended a book signing and a class with Tim Holtz, it was amazing!!! Nothing like being around creative people to jump start your imagination. :-) Pic of Tim, Me and Mario!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Pika

Today is Pika's 14th birthday. Happy birthday sweet baby girl. However, it's a sad day from me knowing that it will be her last birthday here on earth. Yesterday we got the news that any dog parent would dread, "your dog has a tumor" and it's in her brain. If you met Pika you know what a sweet girl she is and how close I am to her. She mirrors my every move, I've never had a dog like her before, she's a very special gal. My daughter Eden was 7 years old when we got Pika, they grew up together. Eden left for college 4 years ago and Pika and I grew even closer. Saturday she went into seizures that wouldn't stop and we rushed her to the emergency vet where they stabilized her and kept her until Monday morning. We picked her up and took her to main veterinarian facility in Middletown where they kept her to do and ultrasound and MRI. Yesterday we went for the consult with Dr. Hammond and he delivered the news. (Sigh) Such a shock and so sad. We were given several options for treatment, each one risky and with not good results. She's on anti seizure meds and steroids to ease brain swelling. For now she is comfortable. We need to think about this more. I'm devastated by this news but feel a need to blog. Sometime you just need to share your grief, I know that many of you have been through this yourself and can feel my pain.
Hugz, Normajean