Sunday, June 21, 2020

Teetotaler's Tea Tote Project

Teetotaler's Tea Tote Project 
(featuring Saffron Kraft-Tex for the month of June)

I love to experiment with Kraft-tex. It's paintable, embossable, distressable, glueable, washable and so much more. For me the best part is that it stitches through like butter, not that I've ever stitched through butter mind you ;-). This quick and easy project sews up in no time and allows you to experiment with all those wonderful decorative stitches on your machine plus have a cute and useful little project to show off your skills. No specialty stitches? No worries! You can substitute using zig zag, straight or even free motion stitching. The whole idea is to just have fun.

You will need:

-Kraft-tex main body of tote 6" x 10" Saffron (Yellow)
-Kraft-tex contrast edging pieces 2 3/4" x 6" Emerald (Green)
-2" piece of Velcro
-Decorative thread for stitching (I used a variegated green cotton thread)
-Sewing machine with decorative stitches (or substitute with what ever stitches you have)

Directions: (See photo's for details)

-On your 6" x 10" piece of Saffron Kraft-tex - Mark where the fold lines will be on the tote by folding up from the bottom 3 1/2" and folding down from the top 3" Crease or lightly mark these fold lines. These reference lines will help you to determine where you want your decorative parallel stitching to be placed.
-Lightly mark where your contrast piece will be by folding the contrast piece in half and wrapping around the top edge.
-Create lines of decorative stitches. I selected several different kinds of stitches for mine and judging by the stitch width how where and how many rows I wanted on the tote, taking care to not have stitching under the contrast edge or in the folds of the tote. 

-Center and stitch the Velcro below the folded edge of the right side of the contrast piece.
-Wrap the contrast edge to the top edge making sure the Velcro side is facing inside the tote. Stitch in place being sure to catch both top and bottom pieces in your stitching.


-Fold up the bottom section and determine where the Velcro needs to be stitched to the bottom piece. Unfold the tote and hold the Velcro in place with a dab of glue and stitch in place.

-Fold the bottom piece back up to form pocket and stitch the sides making sure to back stitch at the top and the bottom to secure firmly and also at the top of the pocket. (Note: I did not stitch through the contrast piece when sewing the sides.)

-Your tote is wide enough to accommodate both sugar and creamer packets on one side and tea bags on the other. 

This project is in honor of my best friend and tea teetotaler buddy Dee Dee.

Kraft-tex is available from or your local retailer in many colors. 
Once you try this supple, washable vegan leather it's sure to be a staple in your studio.