Friday, July 24, 2020

July Kraft-tex project

Daddy’s Girl Chatelaine

Kraft-Tex project for July color of the month Marsala

Created by: Normajean Brevik

I probably don’t need to tell you how sentimental quilters can get over a simple article of clothing. This beautiful and functional chatelaine is made from a men’s necktie and is perfect for the sentimentalist and recyclist in all of us. The use of the amazing leather-like product called Kraft-tex ™ by C and T Publishing ( makes this an easy and quick project that is sure to stir memories of the person who wore the necktie. Beginners and experts alike will enjoy the ease of this project that simply adds pockets and a pin cushion to a ready-made tie.

Material List:

*Men’s necktie, cleaned and spot free
·        Kraft-tex , I used prewashed Marsala color but Kraft-tex comes in a variety of colors
·        ¼” satin Ribbon for loops and scissors leash
·        3 - ½” loose leaf ring binder rings or a small spring clips
·        Thread to coordinate with the project for top stitching
·        Fiber fill for pin cushion
·        Clips to hold Kraft-tex in place while sewing (do not pin through Kraft-tex )

Let’s begin:
Measuring for the overall correct length of your chatelaine is simple. Drape the necktie around your neck and decide what length is best for you. Mine measures 50“. NOTE: The end that you will shorten is the NARROW end of the tie NOT the wide end! Once you’ve decided on a good length add ½” for turning the raw edge and cut off the remainder. (Save this cut piece to create your pin cushion later.) Tuck the raw edge into the tie to form a finished edge and stitch closed.

Pockets and Tabs Pattern Directions:
      There are only 5 simple pattern pieces to create for your Kraft-tex. Wide end inside pocket (1) and wide end outside pocket (1), scissors pocket (1), tabs for pin cushion and scissors leash (2).
(Please note, I am right handed and wanted the scissors to be on the right. If you are a lefty then adjust the angle of the wide pocket and reverse the placement on the tie.)

·        Wide End outside pocket, pattern: Each necktie will differ in shape and width so you will need to make a photocopy of the lower portion of the wide end of the actual necktie in your copier (reducing the copy size to 95%) to have a pattern to work with.

1.    Once you have made your copy carefully measure up 6" from the tip of the tie copy and draw a line.
2.    Cut out the pattern using your drawn line as the top of the pattern and around the rest of the copy.
3.    Create a pocket angle. Measure 2” up on the left edge bottom (edge NOT tip) and make a small mark.
4.    Use a ruler to draw a line from the mark you just made to the top of the right-side edge and cut. (see photos)

·        - Wide end inside pocket: cut Kraft-tex 2 ½” x 5 ½” Use the pattern that you created for the outside pocket as a guide to cut the bottom point of the pattern for the inside pocket.
·        - Narrow End scissor holster is cut after the length is determined and raw edges turned. Measure the width of the narrow end and subtract 1/8” Cut a piece of Kraft-tex by that measurement X 7”.
·         - Tabs are measured and cut after all the other pieces have been sewn.
General directions for cutting and placement of Kraft-tex pieces:

·       Trace the pattern pieces to the right side of the Kraft-tex with pencil and cut out pieces.

Sewing directions:

Inside front pocket - Begin by centering and lining up your inside front pocket to the tie. Use clips to hold in place and top stitch the Kraft-tex to the tie around the sides and bottom ONLY.

·        Top front pocket, pattern – Line up over the inside pocket and use clips to hold in place. Top stitch to tie around the sides and bottom ONLY.

·        Scissors holster, pattern – Fold the stitched end up 2 ½” and crease to form the holster. Line up the folded bottom at the bottom of the narrow end of the tie. Use clips to hold the holster in place. Top stitch to tie all the way around the outside of the holster.

      Top tabs- The tabs are measured and added now. The size is determined by measuring 7” from the top of both the scissor holster and wide end pocket. Cut a piece of Kraft-tex the width of that part of the tie minus 1/8” X 1”. Ribbon loops (below) will be added before sewing to the tie.


·         Ribbon Loops - Cut 4” of ribbon for each loop. Position your tabs and place ribbon ends 1” under the tab to create the loop (the ends will be secured when caught in the top stitching). Secure with clips and stitch close to the edge all the way around both tabs.

Pin Cushion directions:

·         Using the left-over tail piece that you cut from the tie: Stitch by hand or machine a little pouch with the tie end and stuff with fiber fill to create a pin cushion. Turn the raw edges in and close. Add a satin ribbon loop. (Note: I opened up the small end piece and placed right sides together to seam it, then stuffed and stitched the top closed and added the ribbon loop.)


Final touches:
·         Ribbon leash for your scissors – Create a looped knot at ends of a piece of ribbon approximately 20” long (adjust as you see fit). Attach your tiny ring binder clips to either end of the loops. Clip one end to your scissors and the other to the ribbon loop above the holster.
·         Pin Cushion – Attach another tiny ring binder clip to both your pin cushion and the loop on other side of the chatelaine.

I hope that you enjoy your new sentimental heirloom. 

Kraft-tex can be purchased at: in loads of yummy colors.