Wednesday, September 23, 2020

 Pop Art Earrings

September Kraft-tex project of the month-Sapphire

I LOVE big earrings! However, my ears don’t like them because they are normally very heavy. Kraft-tex to the rescue! Light weight, colorful and easy to work with. This is an easy, quick and crafty way to dress up your wardrobe. 

You will need:

Kraft-tex in 2 contrasting colors

Cutting mat

Sharp Exacto or other craft knife



Earring wires

Jump rings and beads

Paper punch(s) to make holes for jump rings and other sizes if you want to make decorative holes,

Begin with a doodle! I drew several shapes on a scrap page and repeated them several times. I then doodled in some design ideas. 

I chose two colors of Kraft-tex (the top one being dark blue "Sapphire") and cut two each of the shapes that I wanted to work with. The bottom shape remains uncut and is the color that will show through the design windows that you cut into the top color. 

Either freehand or trace the designs that you selected on to the top piece or window side of the Kraft-tex. (Note: If you draw and cut on the back side of Kraft-tex be sure to reverse your design.) I just freehanded in pencil on the top of mine. Using a craft knife carefully cut out your designs on the top piece only. Once you’ve cut out the design on the first earring you can use it as a stencil/template to trace your design on to the second earring then cut that one out also.

Glue the tops and bottoms together taking care to not get glue in window sections. Lastly, punch a hole for a jump ring and loop into the earring and your earring findings. I punched holes on the bottom also and added a few beads.

You can purchase Kraft-tex at:

Saturday, September 12, 2020

 I finished my STUDIO ARTS QUILT ASSOCIATION piece today. Her name is Clara and inspired in part of a SAQA friend in CT Clara Nartey. She will be donated to SAQA "Fresh Fish exhibition" and hoping she makes it into the book with other contributors. She is just under 12" square. The original mermaid pattern credits and pattern can be seen in a previous post on this blog.