Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Kraft-tex Phone Wallet May project of the month

An essentials only wallet/purse for your phone, license, credit cards, coupons and cash. 

All In One Kraft-tex Phone Wallet

Given today’s health crisis situation we all have become much more aware of our surroundings and
personal routines and habits. We must be vigilant and mindful of how we interact in the world today.
One of my biggest concerns are the things that I carry with me into public places and how to keep
them germ free. I’ve always been a purse carrier but don’t want to run the risk of bringing home
germs when I place it in my shopping cart. Only essentials go with me these days and I’m able to
carry them safely in my new Kraft-tex Phone Wallet. Kraft-tex is the perfect choice for this project
because it's sturdy and is easily wiped with a sanitizer towelette and can be laundered. 

What you will need:

Depending on the make, model and size of your phone you may need to make adjustments.
I have noted my brand and the formula that I used to cut the pieces needed. If you are hesitant to
dive right in you might want to make a sample using simple card stock paper to make sure your
calculations are correct. 

I have a Samsung Note 8 that measures 3” wide x  6 ½” long x ⅓” thick. Here is the formula that I
used to cut the pieces I needed. 

Width of phone = 3” plus 5 ½” = 8 ½” cut width
Length of phone = 6 ½”  plus 1 ¼” = 7 ¾” cut length

Based on my phone size here’s my Kraft-tex cutting measurements:

Outside panel Cut 1 (in Emerald Green color) 7 ¾” x 8 ½”
Inside panels Cut 2 (in Greenery color) 3 ⅞” x 7 ¾” (one for phone and credit card panel and other
for cash/coupons)
Credit Card panel Cut 1 (in Emerald Green) 2 ¾’ x 7 ¾” (this will be attached to phone panel) 
Closure tab of Kraft-tex  3”x6” and decorative color to go on top 1 1/2 “x 3”,  both cut in triangles

Other Supplies that I used: 
Coordinating good quality sewing thread, clips to hold Kraft-tex while sewing, fabric to make a strap
and strap tabs (1 ½” strip x 70”) or you can use pre-made bias tape, 2 - 1” book rings, 1 ½” of
coordinating Velcro for closure. Note: I used a corner rounder called a “Chomper” by Memory Keepers
to round the corners of my wallet but it can be carefully done by hand or just  leave corners square. 

Certainly there are many options for making a closure. Feel free to change this pattern to suit your own
style. I made a strap so that I can carry my wallet cross-body so the only thing it comes in contact with
is my clothing. 

 Also see step-out photos of the construction process.

Strap and strap tabs:
If you have decided to make a strap for your wallet it’s best to get this process out to the way first.
I used a 1 ½” x 70” (this does NOT need to be cut on the bias) to make mine. To construct: Fold the
fabric wrong sides together and iron in half. This will determine the center. Open it up then fold the
outer edges in so they meet at the center iron line. Fold again to enclose the raw edges inside and
stitch close to the edge to completely enclose. Check out a Youtube video if you are unsure of how
to fold and stitch bias tape. You can also purchase ready made bias tape if you prefer.

Wallet tab closure and embellishment: These must be done before any construction takes place.
Measure carefully then stitch the Velcro (hook side) to the backside of the larger tab closure piece.
Place the smaller piece on the top to cover the first stitching and top stitch it in place. Set aside.
Now for the loop/fuzzy side of the Velcro. Clip the closure to the top of your wallet so you can
determine placement of the opposing side. Measure carefully and decide where you want the
placement of the on the front of your wallet leaving enough rooms for your phone and goodies
inside the wallet. Stitch this in place!

Credit card holder and phone panel: Next you will complete and attach the credit card holder to
the phone panel. Find the center of your credit card holder 7 ¾” piece by bringing the two ends
together and pinching at the center. Make a light pencil mark at the center. Measure 1 ¼” and
mark with a light pencil mark draw a straight line on either side of the center mark. Now clip this
piece to the bottom of the larger phone panel piece and stitch on the 1 1/4” pencil line on either
side of the center so you now have 3 slots to hold credit cards. Be sure to back stitch top and
bottom to secure. Erase pencil marks. Clip this panel to the inside, right (bottom) of your wallet.

Attaching cash/coupon panel: Clip the 3 ⅞” x 7 ¾” phone panel to the inside left (top) of your wallet.
You must coordinate the other pieces, closure tab and strap loops that will be sandwiched in the seam
of this section. I use heavy duty clips so that things don’t shift. Determine both  the center of the wallet
top and the closure tab and clip the closure tab in place (velcro facing up). Cut two, 1 ¾” pieces of your
premade strap to use for your strap loops. Fold in half and clip the raw ends down, into where the
seam will be on both ends. Now CAREFULLY place the cash/coupon panel on top sandwiching pieces
and adjusting each clip as you go, as to not shift pieces. 

Stitching all pieces together: Slowly and carefully top stitch around the entire outside edge of the
wallet. (I used a top stitching foot with a flange that made it easy.) BACK STITCH AT EACH STRESS

Finish strap ends and add rings: Determine how long you want your strap. Finish off the raw end by either zigzag stitches or turning the raw edge inside and restitching the end. Fold and create a loop and stitch in place. Remeasure the length you desire and cut strap to length being sure to leave enough room to create a loop, finish as before. Link strap and wallets loops with rings and close. You're done!

Kraft-tex is available from CTpub.com or your local retailer. Once you try this supple, 
washable vegan leather it's sure to be a staple in your studio.