Sunday, April 06, 2008

I'm FINISHED! This year I headed up the challenge for the Clamshell quilt guild. I called the Challenge, "Family Values" and each participant had to use a photo that either themselves or a family member had taken and turn it into a black and white quilt. Hence the reference to "values" of black and white. The judging will take place on Wednesday 4/9. My photo was taken on our winter break trip to Washington, DC this year. I've attached a copy of the inspiration photo as well as the finished piece but WAIT there is a surprise behind the door. My quilt is called, "Beauvoir", meaning Beautiful View in French. here is the write up that I will share with my guild about this piece:

This photo was taken on a family vacation in February 2008 in Washington, DC by the artist. It is of a small unassuming door which leads into a chapel of the Beauvoir Elementary School which is affiliated with our United States National Cathedral. Beauvoir means "Beautiful View" in French and the school overlooks our amazing National Cathedral. In comparison to the immense cathedral this tiny red door seemed insignificant. However, it represents how I view my faith; a simple passage to a better place. This study in black and white also lead me to reaffirm that it is not what is on the outside that counts. For me, this small chapel door leads to the same place that grandiose door of the National Cathedral does, Heaven. It's not what's on the outside that counts, it's what on the inside. Once the judging is over for this competition I will reveal what is on the inside of my door using the latch that holds the door closed. The beading on the latch roped also have special meaning:
3- clear beads= the Holy Trinity
9-black and silver with large bead=Fruit of the Spirit
10- gray beads= the 10 Commandments
12- different beads= 12 Disciples

I don't normally get attached to my works but this one moves me spiritually. It was an amazing trip and a time of closeness that we seldom get as family anymore as we all lead such busy lives. This quilt will always let me go back to that happy vacation.

I hope that you enjoy seeing my 'Beautiful View'.
Hugs, Normajean