Friday, January 21, 2011

Prompt for today was: "Home"
OK, OK I confess... this was a project that I started 4 years ago. If you have been in my kitchen you know that I love chickens and roosters, they are everywhere. I purchased this print from Michael's but didn't want to just frame it. I wanted it to look old and weathered. I used a wrapped frame and gessoed it black then painted it with black paint. I distressed then decoupaged the print to the wrapped canvas then had my husband cut some wood trim so that I could give it an inside frame. Well I couldn't decide on a color for it at the time so it made it's way to the cellar and there it sat until this week when I rescued it and finally painted the wooden inside framing trim red. I rather like it and the red was just the right color for this. Jeez I'm glad all my projects don't take this long to create. ;-o

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