Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Last night I joined a knitting group with my friend Dee Dee. It was so much fun because not only do you sit and knit you get acupuncture! WHHHHHHAT'S THAT YOU SAY? Yup that gal that hosts the knitting night is holistic healer and hosts right in her facility. She calls it "pins and needles", too cute aye? She asks you what body parts you want addressed, puts about 5 needles in each ear at different points and you sit and knit. It was wonderful company, chat and the acupuncture really, really made my back feel better! I convinced and I'm definitely going back for more. I call it 'soul swaddling', ahhhhhhmazing! So I made a tiny little hat for the NICU unit at our local hospital.

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nanaandpapa1 said...

This is the absolute coolest thing I've heard of. I'm sure it is nowhere near me. I am bright green with envy. I heard that acupuncture can help hot flashes and wish there was someone near me to go to. Enjoy and happy knitting.