Saturday, January 01, 2011

OK I'm ready... I'm ready to begin this year with gusto and more art. If Oprah can have her own TV network I'm sure that I can find time to make art everyday. It's time and I'm ready! Good-bye 2010 it was tough but I'm ready to begin again and find time for me. My plans are to find time to create art, art just for me, art with my own prompts, art that I keep and perhaps art that I share in my writings. I work best within a set of rules so that the art becomes a challenge. I've set up the prompts so that I randomly pull one from two different bags that I've made up. I can decide what I will create but I have to work within the prompt guidelines. Before I go to bed each night I will pull the prompts for the next day so I can come up with ideas and the next day I create the object. I'll see how this goes, I think that it has great potential, we'll see. So here is my first set of prompts and the finished project. I enjoyed making this little plus size inchie pin and it will serve as a reminder to seek art every day. :-)

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ghost woman said...

NJ I Love it after these past 2 weeks I need to remember that. Hugs,Dorothy