Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Prompt for the day is: Flowers
OK, OK I looked out my window and there are NONE, of course not, it's January! What I did see was my poor, shivering cold Rose of Sharon just waiting for the Spring to warm her up. (How I know it's a "her" is beyond me but she is a her and ready for Spring. ) So I snapped a pic of my inspiration and created a card with water colored paper, stamped flowers, rick-rack and a sewn on metal leaf charm. I haven't given is a sentiment yet, nor does it have a purpose other than just plane fun paper. Now while we are on the subject of paper art... I may be a little slow on the take up but I finally figured out why this sudden urge to create in paper.,. not much time to create and paper takes less time and planning for me then fiber art! Duh! Ah well perhaps I need to think about taking on a larger project in fiber but giving myself more time. This I will ponder but for now I'm having fun with paper. :-)

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