Monday, February 10, 2014

I've never written a knitting pattern before but for those who asked how to make the gray cowl that I posted on Facebook here goes...

The Old Gray Cowl, (it ain’t what it used to be) be)

1 skein Gray yarn (I used Caron Simply Soft acrylic in a 4 weight)

Size 8 Circular knitting needles or any that equals 15 stitches = 4 inches

The circumference is apx. 22” and 7” tall.


CO 80 stitches (long tail)


Place marker and join


K first row

then begin pattern,

K5, P5 for six rows (this is unit 1) then switch to

P5, K5 for six rows (this is unit 2).

Repeat this pattern alternating unit 1 and 2 until you are satisfied with the length.  (I had total of 3 unit 1’s and 3 unit 2’s)

Knit one entire row then,

cast off .

I hope that the pattern is clearly written but if not drop me a line.



Carol Spadea said...

Awesome.I just joined the aroup and am waiting for the guidelines to start pozsting. You were my first e mail and I immediately went to your blog.
I noted all of your art. Just great. I had an ATC published in 1000 atcs from Quilting Arts.
Hope you xont mindd me asking but how is Pica? She looks like a little swêety.
We have two dogs,Rubie(a Shar-pei )and Butterballl(a English Bulldog).Loves of our lives.
Just wanted to compliment you on your blog an tełl you I am excited about the group.
Carol ASpadea


Very nice! You should have modeled it! Unfortunately I don't knit. Well, I say this and then last week stayed with a friend and she showed us how to finger knit! No needles, we just used our fingers and made an infinity neck piece. It only took her 20 min. to make one. For me, well, I was all thumbs so took me a lot longer. lol

weaving one said...

Love that pattern,...great minds!? I'm working with a four stitch repeat basketweave, myself. Almost have it ready for joining.

Lisa said...

What an absolutely gorgeous pattern!! It looks amazing!! I wish I could knit!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!!

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