Thursday, June 16, 2011

My art for the entire day was food related. This is Norwegian Kransekake (pronounced kruns-ah-ka-ka, sounds gross huh?) but it a very special wedding gift for the bride and groom. It is a traditional cake served at weddings and other special occasions. It's takes a long time to make and bake but I'm happy to do it. The top pic is the completed cake with is all done in individual concentric rings. The bottom photo is the rings after they were removed from the pans. Plus a few extras in case of breakage, they are very fragile. The whole thing is "glued" together with a thin paste of powdered sugar, egg white and touch of vinegar and almond extract. This is squeezed on to each layer so that the next layer will stick to it. It needs to set for a day or two so that the flavors mature. I hope that the kids like it. :-)

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TheaM said...

omg - that looks so FRAGILE!!!

is the cake more like a pastry? it looks delicious! sure hope they like it.