Monday, April 25, 2011

Here is my latest book in the series for my grandkids. I wrote and illustrated this one for our sweet Erika who loves nature.


Charmion S. said...

Nj, she is such a fortunate granddaughter! I love her book and I know she will too. The colors are so wonderful and spring-ish! Beautiful job. Hugs, Charmion


What a fun book with the illustrations! When my kids were little I also wrote a book as a Children's Lit. assignment in college only the characters were all bears.

We had Ma-a-bear, Pa-a-bear, Krist-a-bear, Aar-a-bear, Jen-a-bear, etc. as we also included all 6 cousins and the grandma and grandpa too! I am not sure, but think the flood got that one when we lived in Cambridge. Lost a lot of my art work too:( I'm sure my mom has a copy of it somewhere in her house.

Maggie R said...

Love the "Book"
what a beautiful keepsake